Who this Agreement applies to

A. Royal Mail Group Limited, a company incorporated in England and Wales (number 4138203) with its
registered address at 185 Farringdon Road, London EC1A 1AA (we, us or our); and
B. Your company or organisation (you or your).
1. Introduction
1.1 Our Agreement with you is made up of:
1.1.1 these general terms and conditions (General Terms);
1.1.2 the Additional Term(s) applicable to the Products we are providing to you including the User
Guide(s) applicable to the Products we are providing to you (you can find URL’s to the User
Guides in Part C of Appendix B);
1.1.3 the applicable Rate Card (if any); and
1.1.4 the Price Confirmation Letter (if any),
which together explain our duties to each other and makes up the full understanding between us for
each Product we agree to provide you with in connection with your account with us.
1.2 Appendix A sets out the meaning of the capitalised terms used in this Agreement. Appendix B sets
out the Products this Agreement applies to (together with the relevant Specific Terms). Appendix C
sets out a compensation matrix detailing compensation which may be available for certain Products.
1.3 This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between us with respect to the subject matter of
this Agreement and (to the extent permissible by law) supersedes all prior representations or oral or
written agreements between us and you. We agree that neither of us has been induced to enter into
this Agreement by any statement or representation not expressly documented within it.
1.4 Except for clauses 2.5, 14.6 and 14.13 which shall always take precedence over any other term in this
Agreement, if any of the Additional Terms contradict any of the General Terms, the term in the Additional
Terms take precedence to the extent of that contradiction. If a term in a User Guide
contradicts any other term in the Additional Terms, the term in the User Guide take precedence to the
extent of that contradiction.
1.5 Unless otherwise specified, a reference to a statutory provision or to a URL is a reference to that provision
or URL as amended from time to time (whether before or after the start of this Agreement).

2. Providing the Products

2.1 We will provide you with Products (and any other services as set out in this Agreement) on all Working
Days (unless we notify you otherwise via our website (www.royalmail.com or substitute URL) or in
accordance with Clause 19.2).
2.2 We will receive your Items when you give us (and when we sign, if this applies) the relevant documentation
described in clauses 3.6 to 3.10, or any other document that you need to provide for the Products at
Handover. We will accept the Items once we are satisfied that the Posting and the documentation that
comes with it are accurate and meet the terms of this Agreement. However, it is always your
responsibility (and not ours) to ensure that the documentation meets the requirements of this
Agreement and relevant Law. Any responsibility we may have to you for loss or damage starts when
we receive your Items.
2.3 If we have agreed to collect Items from you, we will collect each Posting from the Handover Point at
the times confirmed with you, using our standard operating procedures.
We may not collect, process or deliver any Items if we consider it to be impractical or unreasonable
to do so, including if:
2.4.1 the address is not safe or our staff’s health and safety would be at risk in any way;
2.4.2 there is no-one living permanently at the address we have to deliver the Item to;
2.4.3 the address on the Item is incomplete or has not been written or printed clearly enough to
2.4.4 we need a signature for any Item we deliver and nobody is available to sign;
2.4.5 the Regulator has required us to do or not do something, and as a consequence we are unable
to collect, process or deliver the Item;
2.4.6 you have not confirmed the Handover Point with us; or
2.4.7 to do so would not be in accordance with this Agreement (for example, the Item contains
Prohibited Materials).
2.5 Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement (including without limitation and for the
avoidance of doubt, in any of the Additional Terms, Rate Cards and Price Confirmation Letters), in
exceptional circumstances, and/or where, in our reasonable opinion, there is a material risk to the health
and safety of our staff, our customers or Intended Recipients, we may do one or more of the following,
provided at all times our actions are reasonable in the circumstances:
2.5.1 change how and when we collect, process or deliver any Items;
2.5.2 suspend or change any Products or services, including guaranteed or target delivery times and
service levels;
2.5.3 suspend or change the terms that apply to claims, including the payment of refunds or
compensation and the claims’ timescales and processes; and/or
2.5.4 change our prices to reflect the effect of the exceptional circumstances and/or the health and
safety issues on our costs.
(each a Change). We will publish information relating to any such Change on our website as soon
as practical and the Change will take effect at the date specified.

Access to Royal Mail Premises

2.7 Where your Staff need to access our premises to hand over Items, we will give you access in
accordance with this Agreement. While your Staff are on our premises, you must ensure that they carry
suitable identification and produce it on request, conform to our codes and regulations, adopt proper
standards of behaviour, and co-operate with our employees or agents having security responsibilities.
We may refuse your Staff admission to our premises, or require your Staff to leave our premises, at
any time and for any reason.

Items we cannot deliver

2.8 Our duty is to deliver Items to the address written or printed on the Item (which may include a safeplace
location at that address), or to an alternative address in line with clause 2.12. We are not responsible
for delivering the Item to the person whose name is written or printed on the Item.
2.9 Subject to clause 2.11, if we are unable to deliver an Item or an Item is refused, provided it has a Payment
Mark on it and the return address is clear on the cover or envelope, we will return the Item to that
address (if the return address is not clear then we will deal with the Item at our absolute discretion).
2.10 Subject to clause 2.11, if we are unable to deliver an Item or an Item is refused and it has a Payment
Mark on it but the return address on the cover or envelope cannot be read clearly, we may open that
Item. We will return the Item to you or your agent if:
2.10.1 your address is inside; and 2.10.2 the Item is not made up only of Advertising Mail Items, newspapers or magazines (and if it is,
we may deal with the Item in any way we feel is appropriate).
2.11 We will not return any Items if the return address is not in the UK and the item has a UK PPI.
2.12 If we are unable to deliver an Item because it does not fit through the letter box, no-one is available
to receive or sign for it and there is no other delivery instruction attached we may at our absolute
discretion deliver the Item to a safeplace location at the address written or printed on the Item, or to
a neighbour’s address, and leave a card for the Intended Recipient explaining where the Item has
been left. If we choose not to do so, the Item has been sent using Special Delivery or we cannot find
a neighbour or a suitable safeplace, we will take the Item back to our local premises and leave a card
at the address. The card will give the Intended Recipient the option to have the Item delivered to that
address later, or tell them where they can collect the Item from.
2.13 If the Intended Recipient does not collect it or have it delivered within 18 Days, or such shorter period
required by Law, we will deal with the Item in accordance with either clause 2.9 or 2.10 (as applicable)
unless we are required by Law to return the Item in an alternative manner.
2.14 If it is a requirement of the Product, we will make reasonable efforts to get a signature from the
person receiving the Item or Items when we deliver it to the relevant address or (subject to clause
2.12) leave it with a neighbour

Delivering Items to the BFPO

2.15 We will only accept Items for handing over to BFPO if they conform to the current specification on the
BFPO website (seehttps://www.gov.uk/bfpo). This may include addressing format, maximum weight
and dimensions which may be more restrictive than those set out in this Agreement. If Items do not
conform to the BFPO specification and are subsequently rejected by BFPO, we have no responsibility
to return these Items. We will not scan Items for handing over to BFPO at a Delivery Office or at the
Intended Recipient’s address or at the address of their Representative (as the case may be).
2.16 Notwithstanding any other provision in this Agreement, confirmation of delivery is provided for BFPO
addresses but the confirmation is only to the BFPO in Northolt. We cannot give any target time for
delivery for Items we accept for handing over to BFPO.

3. Your duties

3.1 You agree to:
3.1.1 carry out your duties under this Agreement (to avoid doubt, including those set out in any
User Guide which is a legally binding document forming part of this Agreement);
3.1.2 allow us and each of our employees, contractors and agents to enter your premises safely to
provide the Products, and pay us for any costs (including legal costs) expenses, claims, losses,
damages and awards we have to pay if you do not; and
3.1.3 give us the minimum mail volumes or spend level for each Product, as set out in the Additional
Forecasting – your Posting plans and what you need to tell us
3.2 You must meet all requirements relating to forecasting as set out in the relevant User Guide(s) and, if
you fail to then you will be in breach of this Agreement.
3.3 You must notify us at least 4 weeks before the date of Posting if you want to send an Exceptional Posting.
If we receive such notice then we shall use reasonable endeavours to perform our obligations in
accordance with this Agreement in relation to such Exceptional Posting. If despite having used such
reasonable endeavours we are unable to meet any of our obligations then we shall not be liable to

How your Items should be presented

3.4 In each Posting, you must:
3.4.1 only include Items you want us to handle under the Specific Terms for that individual Product
and you must not mix together Items to be dealt with under different Specific Terms;
3.4.2 present Items in line with the applicable Additional Terms (including but not limited to the
applicable User Guide(s) and the Surcharges help page – 3.4.3 ensure the outside of each Item bears a clear, complete and accurate address, including a
postcode; and
3.4.4 provide all bundling materials, such as rubber bands, strapping and bundling ties.
3.5 If you or your agent hand over a Posting after the Latest Posting Time, we will aim but do not
guarantee to process that Posting as if we had received it by the Latest Posting Time, depending on
any conditions we believe are reasonable. For all other purposes, we will consider that Posting to have
been made on the following Working Day and all the documents that come with that Posting should
show (or we may amend to show) the following Working Day.